I’m Back!

I’ve started this blog post what seems like a thousand times. Since having my daughter I’ve wanted to get back to coaching (I miss you lovely lot!) for quite a while but something always pulled me back from telling people what I do and getting myself back out there….

When I had Wriggles my confidence dipped. This surprised me. You’d think making, growing, pushing out and feeding another human being would boost your confidence but somehow mine dipped.

I kind of lost who I was for a bit. Or maybe forever…. I didn’t feel like the Sarra that I’d got to know over the last 40 years. My body shape had changed (funny that!?) and my healthy eating habits weren’t as healthy as they used to be. How could I help others when I wasn’t on top of things myself? I had a whole other person relying on me 24/7, I was overwhelmed, in a total Loved Up Baby Bubble and rather knackered. I wanted to disappear, head down, snuggle up at home and feel safe.

Ofcourse looking back now I can see clearly that I needed to give myself a break and just enjoy and get used to being a new mum. What is wrong with us sometimes??! We give ourselves such a hard time. I’d just had a baby and was still eating pretty well and getting exercise just not like I used to. But it shouldn’t be the way it was. Nothing is the way it was and we need to be kind to ourselves and allow for a period of adjustment. That’s exactly what I would say to a friend or client.

Over the months I got used to this New Normal.

I felt my energy, body and confidence return. I found ways to get my exercise in and Trainersrevelled in the rushes of endorphins and glimpses of Old Sarra.

I embraced weaning and feeding our little girl all the yummy veggie food we enjoy as a family.

I juggled working part time running my juice stall and the odd nanny shift. Forcing myself to be organised (no mean feat) and ensure we all ate well.

Talking with other mums I realised that the things that came naturally to me, I enjoyed or were part of my normal life were things that they found tricky, struggled with or could use a helping hand with. I also noticed, with dismay, how often they put themsleves down when it came to their post partem bodies and the way they looked. So sad. This had to stop….  I love that my body is fit and healthy enough to run around after my little girl, even if it does wobble a bit more than before. It’s just not that important! My brain started ticking over…. “Hhhmmmmm, maybe I can still help people…”

I really am one of those people that makes green smoothies for herself AND her toddler.

I really am one of those people that uses kale and tahini and chia seeds regularly without thinking about it.

I really am one of those people who enjoys brisk walks/runs with the buggy, the more hills the better

I really am one of those people who drinks lots of water and eats a plantbased diet.

A quick go on my yoga mat in the garden whilst Little One sleeps? Yes please!
God I sound like a bloody cliche! To be honest all these things are pretty normal for me and I have been doing them for years, with joy. Even amongst the day to day chaos I still often find a way. They help me stay vaguely sane and fit into my clothes, stop me being a miserable sod, and help me to have enough energy to enjoy life as much as possible.

Yes I still love a few pints and do Sambucca shots if I go “Out out”.

Yes I still like a pyjama day if I can get one.

Yes I like a fry up on a Sunday morning sometimes, baguettes and crisps on a picnic and I love cake if I can get my hands on it.

Yes sometimes I am knackered and snappy.

Yes I am a normal human being. (Sort of.)

I came to realise that me not having my shit totally together did not mean I couldn’t help others. It meant I can fully empathise and really understand.  I never was one of those glossy Instagram perfect type people so why would I be that kind of mum or coach??!

Me n carrot juice n Wriggles

So anyway, through all the rambling, what I am trying to say is…I’m back!

I’m back and excited about working alongside some brilliant people who want to change their lives for the better. People who have had enough of eating shit and feeling like shit. People who are desperate to understand how to feed themselves and their families better so that they can thrive. People like you!

I’d love to know what your biggest stumbling blocks are. If you could wave a magic wand what would change with your health, diet and lifestyle?What would your ideal support look like?

I’d love to hear from you so please comment below or if you could do with a hand making these positive changes then please get in touch. I have rejigged and streamlined my signature Revitalise your Life package, mums who have test driven it are getting great results! As a celebration of being properly back I have a limited amount of coaching spaces at a very reduced rate. Get in there quick!

Now is the perfect time 🙂