Hiya, I’m Sarra. Lover of food, red wine and being outdoors.

I’m passionate about supporting women on their journey to feel more energised, confident and balanced through plant-based food and simple self care. Sometimes we just need to slow down, eat some good food and find what makes us happy.

Having been plant-based for over 20 years I love how it is becoming more and more “normal” as we realise the incredible benefits to our health and that of the planet, especially for future generations. This stuff is important and we are all in it together! 

My Story

Like many people I haven’t gotten to this age without my fair share of challenges to overcome, from a ten year eating disorder to depression and anxiety. However, I have always had joy in my heart and knew that there was a happier way for me to live. One that didn’t include counting every calorie that went in my mouth or hating myself because I wasn’t a size 8 (unless I was starving myself). One that didn’t mean I worried excessively or waited anxiously for the next black cloud to engulf me.

I knew that I was wasting this precious life and I really wanted to get better, feel more vibrant and be properly happy so I made a pact to sort myself out. I went all in and I tried out a wide variety of therapies from counselling to EFT, naturopathy to psychotherapy. Together, with the support of my husband, I started to feel more and more confident, balanced and vibrant. My love of food returned and I embraced it.

I knew I wanted to help others transform and find their own way to a life brimming with vitality and joy so in 2009 I decided to study naturopathic nutrition and never looked back. I then went on to train in EFT (emotional freedom technique) and NLP alongside coaching and am currently studying plantbased nutrition.

I was 20 years old when I became vegan and am just as passionate about it today. I made the tough decision when I was pregnant to start eating eggs so went on a mission to find the happiest hens I could. I found a place that has rescue hens so I sponsor a hen there (Henrietta Von Cluckles) and I am happy to buy eggs from them and support a good cause.

I love that you can’t turn on the TV or open a newspaper at the moment without seeing another story about the link between plant-based diets and healthy living. Scientific research has backed up what we have known for a while, that eating your veggies is really good for you and helps you to live a longer, healthier and happier (checkout the gut/brain connection!) life. We also cannot ignore the positive impact of a plantpowered life on the environment, future generations and of course animal welfare. It is an all round win/win situation and I couldn’t be more excited to be seeing it become more mainstream.

When I first started out I helped people with a variety of ailments from hormone imbalance to digestive issues using naturopathic techniques and nutritional coaching. During this time I also ran workshops and worked at yoga retreats. I even ran my own juice and smoothie bar for a few years called Damage Limitation that we took to events all over the UK.

Nowadays I run my own food delivery service cooking up scrumptious veggie food for people’s fridges and freezers. I mix this up with my long term nanny/cook career that I have been doing since 17 years old! You can often find me with a big smile on my face in the kitchen surrounded by a mountain of tasty ingredients and a podcast about nutrition or Wellbeing on the go.

I still do 1-1 have coaching and I still get a thrill when I see people making such positive changes to their life. As I have changed and grown over the years so has my method of working with people. I encourage my clients to look at their whole lives – what and how they eat, mindset,  movement, connection, work, family, fun, stress levels, sleep and relaxation. We are complex beings and as such when one part of our life is out of whack it can throw so many other parts out. We need to start taking a much more holistic view of healthcare.

Now as a woman in my forties I enjoy finding what works for me so that I can feel my best. So that I have oomph to play with my little girl, hang out with my husband and still have energy left for myself.

I relish supporting other women to do the same; find their way and their own version of a life brimming with joy, energy, health and vitality.

‘To change your life:

Start imediately;

Do it flamboyently;

No exceptions’

– William James

  What’s next?

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