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They say life begins at 40 and you’re ready to make it feel that way.

You were told Midlife is where it’s at but in reality you’re feeling a bit lacklustre and lost

Your body is changing and you know that a quick fix diet won’t cut it. In fact, you’re fed up of dieting and you want to find a way to eat well and feel satisfied, energised and good in your clothes.

You feel tired and grumpy and this isn’t the woman you want to be. You’re ready to find a new way to embrace life, embrace your body and live your next chapter with clarity, confidence and vitality.

Imagine living in a way that feels nourishing, life-fulfilling and rich in energy.

Midlife nourishment is calling and I’m here to show you how…

This is your invitation to NOURISH – a space where you say goodbye to exhaustion, low mood and feeling frumpy and step into your 40’s and beyond being the woman you desire to be.

Join me now as I support you on this journey…

NOURISH is a 1-1 coaching programme for women in their 40s & 50s who are ready to embrace simple ways to boost their energy and vitality whilst increasing confidence in themselves and in the life they are ready to create.


  • Having enough energy to go to that gym class you wanted to try out tonight.
  • Knowing ways to ease your Perimenopause symptoms so you feel less frazzled.
  • Feeling focused throughout the day without the constant need for coffee to perk you up.
  • Slipping into your favourite clothes comfortably and confidently.
  • Trusting yourself to enjoy food and drinks at the pub or lunch out with friends without bingeing.
  • Knowing how to throw together delicious, healthy meals and snacks easily.
  • Having your very own Wellbeing Toolbox to dip into when you need to.
  • Glowing with health and vitality
  • Feeling truly Nourished so you don’t reach for chocolate/Netflix/wine/scrolling to self soothe…

Can we be real here? Let me ask you this… 

How long are you going feel this way before you take a leap and do something about it?

I know you don’t have time for crazy tricky diet plans and complicated recipes and you think you don’t have time for yourself but until you prioritise yourself, you won’t. 

I know you think the fogginess you feel will fix itself but it won’t.

And I am not going to tell you that to reduce your stress and overwhelm you have to meditate for an hour a day (unless you want to) because I have worked with enough women to know that you juggle a lot and want simple, effective strategies that fit into your life.


This is where NOURISH comes in.

It’s for you if: 


  • You are ready for change.
  • You are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.
  • You want to learn to trust yourself around food and drink.
  • You are looking for support – someone to hold your hand on your wellbeing journey.
  • You are excited to try new ways of eating and living to uncover what truly works for you.

Each client has their own individual programme tailored to their needs, working with a mixture of nutritional advice, habit stacking, mindset work, visualisations, EFT, meal planning, plant based recipes and simple self care.

This bespoke programme will fit into your life, because I understand it needs to work for you.


Step 1 – CLARITY

We dig deep and uncover what you want to accomplish in our time together. We use your food diary, health questionnaire and a juicy visualisation to find out how you are living and feeling now and how you want to live and feel moving forward. You decide what you want to start working on and we look at how to fit that simply into your life.


Step 2 – FLOW

In the middle sessions together we look at what flows – what is working and what feels tough and sticky. What has come up for you so far and what else you would like to work on. You may want some nutritional advice or tasty plant based recipes to try out. You may want another visualisation or possibly some EFT to work through any challenges or obstacles that may be keeping you stuck.


Step 3 – THRIVE

The final session looks at everything you have been doing throughout our time together to see what really lights you up. You may now see that you have more goals that you would like to work on and we can look at ways of making those happen. We will check through your Wellbeing Toolbox so that you know you have everything you need to look after yourself – to truly Thrive and feel Nourished.


Your 8 week Nourish programme is a wonderfully nurturing mix of:

– Mindset work

– Nutritional advice

– Plant based recipes

– Meal planning

– Perimenopause/Menopause support

– Visualisations/EFT/NLP/Habit stacking…

We will work together over 4 sessions of 1-1 coaching + Telegram/Whats App support in between sessions.

Like having your very own cheerleader/meal planner/Nutrinerd in your pocket!

We can work via Zoom/Skype or if you live local to Kings Langley and would like to meet up for 1 or 2 of your sessions as a walk ‘n talk out in nature (at a small additional cost) then please let me know.




Why Me?


I have been there! I remember getting to 42 and thinking “Bleurgh! This is not what I signed up for!” I was worn out, emotional and I couldn’t fit in my favourite shorts any more. I wasn’t ready to just give up, splurge out and take a back seat in life – I wanted to look forward to my Midlife.

I put in place all the things that I have been helping clients with for the past 10 years, tackled my Perimenopausal symptoms and now at 46 I am feeling back to my vibrant self (and I have loved wearing my favourite shorts again this Summer!). 

Best of all I trust myself to make good choices that are going to Nourish my Mind, Body and Soul.

I feel so strongly about helping women navigate this time in their life that I am undertaking extra training at the moment – Peri to post menopause transition. Taking a deep dive into the science, nutrition, spiritual aspects and best physical exercise for women during this transition.

I am a down to Earth, Perimenopausal, mid forties mum, cook and coach and I have a real passion for supporting women on this journey back to vibrant health and wellbeing.

 So if not now then when? 

After all this time looking after everyone else surely now it’s your turn?

The perfect time to really learn how to Nourish yourself so you have the energy to do the things you want, feel the way you want, be the way you want – Live the way you want.

You can use this transitional time in your life to really get your health and vitality on track. Look forward to the next half of your life with curiosity and optimism.

I look forward to holding space for you to heal and grow into your best Midlife Self.

Here’s what previous clients have to say…

Charlotte, Abbots Langley, Herts

“I’d tried points, colours, calories and almost every bizarre food combination you could imagine. Having 1:1 support that was focussed on me rather than ‘the diet’ has made a huge difference. I loved the fact that I didn’t have to count, weigh or measure everything I ate. I felt like there were no bad decisions so no guilt or shame… I feel great, my skin is clear, I have more energy and I definitely feel more comfortable in my own skin. I love fitting back into outfits that I’d grown (expanded) out of and I never get tired of hearing people tell me how healthy and vibrant I look!”

Laura, Herts

“I can’t thank you enough Sarra for all the guidance and help you have given me. Having followed your programme for the past number of weeks I have so much more energy, feel happier and so much healthier! I am looking forward to trying the tasty recipes you gave me in our follow up consultation. If I feel this much better after only 6 weeks, I can’t wait to continue to welcome improvements in my health and energy levels in the future…..”

Philippa Desiderio

“Sessions with Sarra were both fun and effective. She showed me some great tricks and explained the why’s and why not’s of healthy eating and I’ve been on a steady path ever since. I’ve managed to overcome issues I’ve been battling with for years.”