It’s time to start living and eating like you really love yourself.

Hey, I’m Sarra and I’ve been helping women get their Oomph back since 2012!

I’m a 40 something mum to a toddler and I love garlicky food, red wine and being outdoors. I also love helping women find ways to nourish themselves mentally and physically through delicious plant based eating and simple self care so that they can live their best life.

I get it. After running around all day either at work or home you are knackered! You know that eating a plant based diet is the way forward for your health and the environment but you are so overwhelmed with all the mixed messages out there and too tired to care.

This is where I come in. We can work together to find simple ways for you to feel healthier, happier and more energised whilst also doing your bit for the planet and future generations. So grab a cuppa or a glass of red, make yourself comfortable and have a nosey around my website. If you have any questions then please do feel free to get in touch for a chat or if you could use some support.

‘You were born to be real, not to be perfect.


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