How to stop eating crap unintentionally

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So let me start by saying that I am all up for a slice of cake or a packet of crisps when I really fancy them. Anyone who knows me or follows me on social media will know that!  This is more about that unintentional eating that happens sometimes. There is no shame to be had here in this conversation.

I am not a big believer in denial and abstinence when it comes to food. I have seen too many women with disordered eating issues and after having had a ten year battle with food and eating disorders myself I really don’t think it is healthy. However. There are sometimes  when you end up eating food and then feeling shit afterwards.

Shit because you feel confused as to why you ate what you ate when you know you want to look and feel a different way.

Shit because you started eating those crisps and didn’t stop.

Shit because you feel bloated and yukky.

Shit because you know you were being lazy and going for the easy yet rubbishy option.

Shit because you know you could have treated yourself better (you would have made something yummy and healthy if it was for someone else!) but didn’t bother and that has sent a negative message to your subconscious – I’m not worth bothering for.

So when you find yourself about to make that crappy choice (and most of the time it is a choice) pause a second and focus on your Why.

Ask yourself these questions: Why do I want to eat healthy food? Why do I want to drink water rather than a fizzy drink? Why do I want to have more energy? Why do I want to get rid of these nagging headaches/PMS symptoms/digestive issues/ mood swings?


Think PAST the food.

Think to how you will feel after you have eaten whatever it is you are about to eat.

Think about the emotional impact.

Think about the physical impact.

If we have worked together already or you have downloaded the free 5 Days to a Fresher You then you will be familiar with The Future You. We work through a guided visualisation on the woman you want to be (Future You) and watch how she lives her life. This is brilliant for getting clear on what you want and getting the subconscious on board – because it is all about mindset (more on that another day).

With this in mind Immerse yourself in the imaginary life that this Future You leads….. How do you eat? What do you eat? How do you feel? Who are you hanging out with? Where are you going? What are you wearing? How are you living?? If that is who you want to be and how you want your life to pan out then you need to take the same actions as Future You. Make the decisions she makes to get the outcome that she gets.

Thought + Action = Outcome

This is, of course, just scraping the surface of what is a very complex and interesting subject which we will revisit. This activity can be a really fun way to look at how you are living your life. Are you making the choices that will lead you to become the type of woman, mum, business partner, wife, boss, best friend, daughter you want to be?

Play around with it and create the life you want then take the steps towards getting it! Do you ever visualise the Future You? Or do you have another way of helping yourself before you gobble up junk food unintentionally?

If you would like a helping hand or are curious as to how coaching works then please get in touch. You can contact me here for a free no obligation 15 minute discovery call.


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Sarra Moore

Sarra Moore

40 something wine loving Mama with a passion for delicious healthy grub and helping others shine.

Lisa, South London

‘I had gone a bit off track in my eating and didn’t feel as healthy. I didn’t know how to regain the energy and zest I had lost and longed to get them back.

There has been much support during our work together. From amazingly delicious and nutritious recipes that are enjoyable to eat and don’t make me feel too full or bloated, to knowing what vitamins and supplements will help me out in modern life. I think the most profound thing however has been realising just how damaging it was to me not to drink enough water!  As a result of our time working together, I feel more energetic, knowledgeable and hydrated. I have felt my energy return and know more about how I can look after myself. You have also helped me to see this isn’t about deprivation & treats are still appropriate!’

Laura, Herts

“I can’t thank you enough Sarra for all the guidance and help you have given me. Having followed your programme for the past number of weeks I have so much more energy, feel happier and so much healthier! I am looking forward to trying the tasty recipes you gave me in our follow up consultation. If I feel this much better after only 6 weeks, I can’t wait to continue to welcome improvements in my health and energy levels in the future…..”

Philippa Desiderio

“Sessions with Sarra were both fun and effective. She showed me some great tricks and explained the why’s and why not’s of healthy eating and I’ve been on a steady path ever since. I’ve managed to overcome issues I’ve been battling with for years.” 

Charlotte, Abbots Langley, Herts

“I’d tried points, colours, calories and almost every bizarre food combination you could imagine. Having 1:1 support that was focussed on me rather than ‘the diet’ has made a huge difference. I loved the fact that I didn’t have to count, weigh or measure everything I ate. I felt like there were no bad decisions so no guilt or shame… I feel great, my skin is clear, I have more energy and I definitely feel more comfortable in my own skin. I love fitting back into outfits that I’d grown (expanded) out of and I never get tired of hearing people tell me how healthy and vibrant I look!”